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We support you to create the life of your dreams. Through Intuitive Healing, Energetic Clearing and Traditional African Spirituality Services.   


About Us


Nsoromma Services is a Spiritual Services Network, led by The Ancestral Mystic, Nana Okomfo Afua Serwaa.  She is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, and a trained Akan (ah-kahn) Priestess.  The Okomfo is fulfilling her soul's destiny by assisting others to create the life of their dreams.  She is available to assist you to gain clarity and connect to your ancestors and spirit guides.  Whatever you are experiencing know that the Okomfo is here to help you stop feeling miserable and disconnected and restore your connection to the original source of bliss.   

According to tradition in Akan Culture, the name of a person reflects its purpose in life.  The process of naming is essential since everyone and most every living entity has a place and mission in the world. 


The naming ceremony takes place on the eighth day, that is, a week after and on the day the child was born. This little one is eight days old and I am presenting him to Onyame, the Nsamanfo Nananom and his immediate family.



Edin To - naming ceremony

Our programs include an array of services uniquely designed to meet your specific needs.   We will be here to support you from birth of your children to transition.  We cover the arc of life and will be with you over time.  Trusted Spiritual Practitioners for every life event. 

Services may include spiritual baths, readings/consultations, Akan spirituality classes, spiritual travel, community "akom", retreats, talisman, candle work, handcrafted beads, naming ceremonies, life cycle rituals, final rites and more.



Our Programs & Services

Our Team

We are here to support the work of Nsoromma Services and look forward to serving you.


Adjoa Boahemaa


As a trained shrine worker, my duty is to keep the shrines. This shrine position requires me to be responsible for carrying out  rituals and any other associated duties as ordained by the Abosom.

Kofi Atsu 

My duty is to support the Okomfo and her work. This position affords me the opportunity to share my Ewe heritage with the community, plan and organize our trips to Ghana.

Akua Owusuwaa

Okomfo- Odinsinu

As a trained shrine worker my focus is herbal medicine. This shrine position affords me the opportunity to support you through herbal blends for bath, protection and spiritual upliftment.

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